So, Which Are the Best Camping Stoves?

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In fairness, there are many ‘best camping stoves.’ It all depends on preference, tradition, and is often decided by where you live. The most common types traditionally are: brunton camping stove

Solid fuel stoves. These often include wood and charcoal burners, as well as other solid fuels which in various parts of the world can be very diverse. These fuels can consist of animal feces, coal, dried seaweed, and the humble corn cob. This last fuel gave its name to the famous Cobb stove / Grill.
Alcohol stoves. The most famous of this type is, of course, the Trangia. The fuel for these stoves is methylated spirits or denatured alcohol, widely available around the world. The Trangia, with its brass burner, has been around for more than eighty years.
Propane and Butane types. The choice in this type of stove is enormous, and they are trendy. We’ll look more closely at these stoves later.
Electric BBQ’s. There are places where open fire type stoves are not allowed, sometimes because of local fire risks and often where the owner lives somewhere, a block of apartments, etc., where open flames are discouraged because of the possibility of uncontrolled smoke emissions.
The earliest form of intentional cooking was, of course, BBQ. The chances are that food was probably discovered even before man, as a species, had actually ‘tamed’ fire for use in his abode. The fringes of forest fires and volcanic activity kill a lot of animals and man would have discovered these by the smell of cooking, hunger would have done the rest. The obvious next step, with a fire to keep them warm, would have been to put meat on a stick and grill it on that same fire. BBQ was born.

Many places across the world do not buy any BBQ but instead build a BBQ pit. Wood that has been lit in the hole burns down to embers and will BBQ meat suspended above it. Simple and very effective. This method can be hazardous and has been known to start forest fires.

In comparison, a small alcohol stove seems like a significant breakthrough in technology. Very lightweight and excellent for a one-pot meal and a hot drink, these little stoves are excellent for backpackers and hikers.

Portable gas types are relatively new, the first portable gas grill wasn’t seen until 1954, and was manufactured by the Chicago Combustion Corp and was known as the Lazy-Man. This particular grill utilized lava rock for heat collection, so it was not a lightweight. Its fuel supply came from a 20-pound plumber’s gas tank. Nowadays, portable gas BBQ grills weigh only a few pounds, and the smallest gas canisters weigh less than a pound.

Electric BBQ’s are the ‘new kid on the block.’ They have been around a long time but have taken a while to be taken seriously. They are, however, now making progress in the popularity stakes. You need an electrical supply, but for home use, this is not a problem. There was a time that I would have ignored electric grills as an irrelevance, but I think I was short-sighted. Having seen these in use, and on one occasion, been fooled by one, I’ve had to concede that for a no-mess BBQ solution they are perfect. I’m a convert. click now

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