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Tips to Build a Tropical Home Atmosphere


Tropical according to KBBI means something related to the tropics (around the equator) or hot climates. But in Greek, tropics comes from the word “tropics” which means the return line which covers 40% of the total area of the earth’s […]

Tropical according to KBBI means something related to the tropics (around the equator) or hot climates. But in Greek, tropics comes from the word “tropics” which means the return line which covers 40% of the total area of the earth’s surface.

As we already know, Indonesia is a tropical country. Bar fridges makes the tropical concept house fairly familiar in Indonesia. This concept is not only suitable to be applied at home in coastal areas, it is also widely chosen by millennial generations to be used in their modern homes.

To build a comfortable tropical home atmosphere, here are seven tips you can do:

Use Bright Colors in a Tropical Home

The use of bright colors such as yellow, beige, light brown, is a characteristic color of tropical nuances. In addition, green and blue colors are also present as a combination and are taken from natural elements. These colors give the impression of being vibrant, shady, and bright, which is in accordance with the tropical concept.

You can combine these colors on every wall in your room. You can only choose 2-3 colors and then graded. Therefore, choosing the right color can make your home interior more visually appealing and make the tropical impression stronger.

Bring Plants to a Tropical Home

Plants are an important point that must be met by a tropical house. The presence of plants can make the room look more alive and beautiful. This plant can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall or ceiling of the house.

This natural decorative element can be placed at the ends of the room, either in the living room, lounge, or family room. Apart from being indoors, you can also place plants outdoors. For example, you can decorate the edge of the pool or back garden area with the presence of plants.
Plants that are widely chosen to strengthen the tropical feel in the house are monstera, palm, elephant’s ear, and mother-in-law’s tongue. In addition to the green plants, you can also add other colored plants as accents, such as white lilies and red flower anthuriums. For hanging plants, you can choose blaster heart betel leaf, discidia geri, or sedum morganianum.

Use Materials Made of Wood, Bamboo, and Rattan

The tropical feel in the house is identical to the use of materials made of solid wood, bamboo, or rattan. This material is usually used as furniture or just as a woven texture. The brown color of these materials when combined with the color of the walls which are also tropical, will make the atmosphere of the house even more “live”.

These materials can be applied to various things at home. Starting from furniture such as tables, chairs, cabinets, floor materials, to ceiling materials. You can combine these three materials to become an interior element in your home. So the key to a tropical house is a natural element or texture that must be present into the interior of the house.

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Add Decorations or Accessories to Your Home

Decorations or accessories are additional elements that can strengthen the tropical feel in the house. You need to choose the right tropical decorations and accessories for your home interior.
Things you can do when adding decorations is to bring a picture frame with leaves combined with your favorite quote. You can also add synthetic plants such as vines or leaves on the walls. You can also put some small houseplants on a table or a shelf on the wall. The presence of woven chandeliers can also strengthen the tropical atmosphere.

In addition, for chairs and sofas, you can change the upholstery with patterns or motifs, then add blankets, fabrics, or leaf motif pillows. The addition of carpet and wallpaper with green leaf motifs can also be a solution.

Expand Openings in the House

Natural ventilation and lighting are important elements in a tropical home. Therefore, the opening in the house is very important. The air that enters the house can make the residential atmosphere cooler and fresher. This makes the number of large and wide window openings very necessary.

You can also combine window openings with roster wall designs. Sunlight in the morning until noon that enters the house can give a natural impression. It can also reduce the use of lights.

Add Water Element

The element of water can add a natural and cool impression in the house. This trend has been applied in many tropical homes. The element of water can be created by making a plunge pool or swimming pool.

The usual plunge pool is 15-20 square meters with a depth of 1.2-1.4 meters. This pool is more often used for bathing and relaxing with family in the outdoor area of the house. While the swimming pool is usually intended for swimming activities.

If you don’t have enough land, you can add the water element by making a smaller pond. This small pond can be placed in the front or back yard of the house, depending on the remaining land available. Mini ponds can be combined with a garden if you have a garden in your home.

Add an Accent to a Tropical Home

This last point is optional. You can add accents to make a different impression on the interior of the house. For example, you can replace wood floors with white, black, or gray tiles with unique motifs or patterns. This is because these colors are neutral colors. You can also give white, gray, or black paint colors in addition to tropical colors as a combination.

Furthermore, you can also finish the furniture material with gold, for example on the legs of a table or chair. For example, the furniture that is the hallmark of a tropical house you can change the material to aluminum or iron. You can also change the color of the patterned carpet with a plain color that still matches the tropical atmosphere, such as yellow or beige.

Those are the seven tips to build a tropical home atmosphere in your residence. You don’t have to do everything at once. Do it gradually, until your tropical home is finally created perfectly.